i Flow H2O Check Valve 3/4”Inch,Barbed Plastic,Pex Tubing,Spa pump,Fish Aquarium Filter Pump,Boat Marine Bilge Pump,Hydroponics Grow,Anti-Back Flow,RV,Hydronic Heating,Actual Barb Size(OD)-22/32"inch

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Manufacturer Description

WARNING! Attention to "ACTUAL SIZE" for barb-size 22/23"inch. Smaller than 3/4"inch, (3/4" is USA Category Size)=
Premium USA Quality 3/4"inch Check Valve Posi-Seal Anti-Back Flow=
This high performance anti-leak ball check valve will solve your back-flow problems, install it and forget it! Its high strength super advanced "PTFE" solid ball and a"Viton/FKM"-"O"- Ring encased by a poly-alloy durable plastic that can withstand operating pressures of up to 80psi and high temperatures of up to 200F. "All time highest ratings in its Class". Perfect solution for conditions in-line where Brass, Aluminum and copper create corrosion conditions that affects or compromises the quality of fluid flowing.
Engineered Dynamic Design Called "Max-Flo-Chek" tm.=
This design allows for maximum flow in-line, when positive moving fluid flow occurs, the ball moves freely to a center cavity away from sealing "O" ring allowing for maximum flow all around the ball with zero fluid resistance. On an instant, negative or reverse fluid flow occurs, fluid pushes ball back into its posi-seal "O" ring for a solid stop! In this innovative dynamic design there are no hinged flaps, pins, screws, springs, diaphragms, rubber to restrict flow, malfunction, break or contaminate. It may be used in vertical or horizontal configuration.
Piece Of Mind=
With your "I flow check valve" in-line, you can feel confident your spa will flow at full speed for your enjoyment, your boat will stay dry keeping out any unwanted water from your hull thru your bilge pump. Fish Aquariums won't drain in an Electric power loss.
Household Domestic Safe =
Can be safely used in potable h2o systems, fish aquarium filter pumps, hydronic floor heating sys, recirculating pumps, hydroponics grow pumps, heating fluids, antifreeze fluids, reclaimed H2O and many mild oils/chemicals. All around versatile check valve. Valvula de retencion de agua ,plastico.

Product Features

? PROBLEM IT SOLVES; Its an in-line one-way automatic ball stop check valve, which prevents H2O, liquid-fluid from back-flowing, returning or losing prime in a water line, or recirculating spa system. valvula de retencion de agua, plastico. ? IN-LINE USES; Can safely be used in Spa recirc pumps,Boat marine Bilge pumps, Fish aquarium water filter pumps, Sump pump, Pex tubing, RV water, Hydroponics grow, Hydronic heating, Water heaters, and /or harsh fluids like diesel, oils and mild chemicals. NOT 4 DIRTY POND WATER USE. ? COMPLIANT; NSF listed, meets UPC, IPC and cUPC standards, ASTMF-2159, PPSU, Lead free, non-corrosive, with a Dynamic "PTFE" solid ball stop and a "Viton/FKM-"O"- Ring inside for a "posi-seal-stop". Can withstand a high operating range of 200F (Degrees) and 80PSI (Pressure), the "HIGHEST RATING IN IT'S CLASS". ? EASY INSTALLATION; Arrows point liquid flow direction, Actual size 22/32" x 22/32"inch OD, Barb x barb push-in quick connection for 5/8" Flex Hose, Pex, Tubing, Vinyl, cpvc. Its durable alloy body allows for mechanical stainless steel clamps or compression crimping-rings brass/copper to secure a tight no-leak connection. ? WARNING!!! "SIZE"- (OD)is smaller than 3/4"inch,look at "ACTUAL SIZE"!!.? WARRANTY; If it fails! Within 3yrs of purchase, WE WILL BUY IT BACK! See wrnty.

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